1500BC古代普韦布洛人的篮筐文化始于这个时期,并一直持续到公元500年,即普韦布洛一世时代的开始。 2014年,考古学家发现了一个在上篮制造者时期建造的古老村庄,在约66英亩的亚利桑那州石化森林国家公园内,有50-70座坑房以环形布置。
原文:1500BC     The Basketmaker culture of the Ancient Pueblo People began about this time and continued until about AD 500 with the beginning of the Pueblo I Era. In 2014 archeologists discovered an ancient village built during the Basketmaker period with 50-70 pit houses organized in rings on about 66 acres Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park.