1792BC-1750BC巴比伦国王汉mura拉比在此期间制定了法律法规,该法规被称为汉mura拉比法规。 它们被刻在玄武岩柱上,后来在伊朗苏萨发现。 一项法律是,如果发现已婚妇女与另一个男人躺在一起,则应将两者绑在一起并扔进河里。
原文:1792BC-1750BC    Hammurabi, king of Babylon, established a code of laws during this period that became known as the Code of Hammurabi. They were inscribed on a basalt column, later found at Susa, Iran. One of the laws was that if a married woman was caught lying with another man, both should be bound and thrown into the river.