1763BC Hammurabi,婆罗体王,征服了所有Sum

1763BC Hammurabi,婆罗体王,征服了所有Sumer。 他写了一个包含282条规则的“法律规则”,包括“眼睛的眼睛”的原则,并“让买家谨防。”这是世界历史上第一份法律守则之一,只达到了法律 含羞草。
原文:1763BC    Hammurabi, the Amorite King, conquered all of Sumer. He wrote a “Code of Laws” that contained 282 rules including the principles of “an eye for an eye” and “let the buyer beware.” It was one of the first codes of law in world history, predated only by the Laws of Lipit-Ishtar.