570Mil BP-230Mil BP在艾伯塔省北部是和平河

570Mil BP-230Mil BP在艾伯塔省北部是和平河拱门; 横贯大陆的拱门从明尼苏达州延伸到亚利桑那州,在蒙大纳州是蒙大拿州圆顶。 欧扎克山脉位于圆顶上,辛辛那提拱门位于田纳西州纳什维尔,北至密歇根州。 威利斯顿盆地位于和平河,加拿大西北部和蒙大纳州之间,并占据萨斯喀彻温省的大部分地区。 密歇根州位于密歇根盆地的四边形上,而伊利诺伊州和印第安纳州的大部分位于伊利诺伊州盆地的下面。 这些宽广而温和的特征大多数是在古生代时期发展起来的,并且从那时起就一直处于休眠状态。
原文:570Mil BP-230Mil BP    In northern Alberta is the Peace River Arch; the Transcontinental Arch extends from Minnesota to Arizona and in Montana is the Montana Dome. The Ozark Mountains lie on the site of a dome and from Nashville, Tennessee, north to Michigan lies the Cincinnati Arch. Between Peace River, north-west Canada, and Montana and occupying much of Saskatchewan is the Williston Basin. Michigan lies four-square upon the Michigan Basin, while much of Illinois and Indiana is underlain by the Illinois Basin. Most of these broad, gentle features developed during Paleozoic time and have been dormant ever since.