c1669瑞典国王接管爱沙尼亚并将目光投向立陶宛控制下的利沃尼娅。 军事领导人乔纳斯·卡洛里斯·卡特克斯(Jonas Karolis Katkus)(乔德克维修斯)聚集了一支小部队,并制止了瑞典的前进。 他带着大约4,000名士兵与里加(R4,000)的瑞典部队接触了里加(Riga),并成功击退了他们。
原文:c1669 The King of Sweden took over Estonia and cast his eye over to Livonija, then under Lithuanian control. Jonas Karolis Katkus (Chodkevicius), a military leader, gathered a small army and moved to stop the Swedish advance. He approached Riga with some 4,000 men against a Swedish force of 14,000 and was able to repel them successfully.