3102BC年2月18日,当前印度历(太阳历和阴阳历)的当前时代(阳历和阴阳历的纪元)是公元前3102年2月18日,公元前3102年1月23日。 公历。 根据Purāṇas所说,这是ŚrīKṛṣṇa返回他永恒的居所的那一刻。 太阳历和阴阳历都从这个日期开始。 在那之后,每年以自该纪元以来经过的年数来标记。
原文:3102BC    Feb 18, The epoch (starting point or first day of the zeroth year) of the current era of Hindu calendar (both solar and lunisolar) is February 18, 3102 BCE in the proleptic Julian calendar or January 23, 3102 BCE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar. According to the Purāṇas this was the moment when Śrī Kṛṣṇa returned to his eternal abode. Both the solar and lunisolar calendars started on this date. After that, each year is labeled by the number of years elapsed since the epoch.