227-261CE萨桑人(A.D. 227-651)统治了波

227-261CE萨桑人(A.D. 227-651)统治了波斯帝国,尽管罗马帝国(B.C.A.D. 476)和后来的拜占庭(或东罗马)帝国试图征服它。 Bam成立于萨桑时期,沿东西方贸易路线之一(俗称“丝绸之路”)成立。
原文:227-261CE     The Sassanids (A.D. 227-651), ruled the Persian Empire despite attempts by the Roman Empire (27 B.C.-A.D. 476) and later the Byzantine (or Eastern Roman) Empire to conquer it. Bam was founded during the Sassanian Period along one of the East-West trade routes collectively known as the Silk Road.