〜200 POPE Zephyrinus分配了他的Deaco

〜200 POPE Zephyrinus分配了他的Deacon,Calixtus(一位前奴隶),在Appian的方式下方管理大型地下复合物。 地下墓地已经存在约150ce。 这个官方基督教墓地可能起源于罗马贵族塞西里群岛的私人露天墓地。 从这一次开始,它被称为圣卡西斯山的灾难。 它延伸到20公里。,3-5级,包括约500,000古墓。
原文:~200 Pope Zephyrinus assigned his deacon, Calixtus (a former slave), to administer the large underground complex beneath the Appian Way. The subterranean graveyard had existed from about 150CE. This first official Christian cemetery probably originated as the private open-air burial ground of the noble Cecili family of Rome. From this time on it became known as the Catacombs of St. Calixtus. It extended over an area of 20 km., one 3-5 levels, and includes some 500,000 tombs.